The Second Ship by Richard Phillips ~ A Bernice Book Review

The Second Ship ( Book One of the Rho Agenda)
by Richard Phillips

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

I have a love/hate relationship with this book.  OK, not really hate… Just one minute I love it and am totally into it… and the next I am like… WHAT?  Really?   …struggling to make sense of a new character and their behavior… and then I am back in love.

Through out the whole book.. my mind searched (and still searches) for connections between (2) specific seemingly arbitrary substories.  They were… well, not like sub-stories that I’m used to… you know… a separate story running along the same path as the main story then intersecting in an understandable and meaningful way…. These sub-stories appeared to just END.  I mean, it was clear how they intersected the main story… but it’s not clear why they existed in the first place, I didn’t find that they added any meaning to the book.

Those (2) sub stories aside, I enjoyed the book and found it clearly written, engaging and believable science fiction (at least I think it’s fiction!)

And I will tell you this… if you are like me and like to have some closure… you’d best prepare yourself to buy the second book in this series.  Just sayin.

Written by Bernice

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