The Black Echo by Michael Connelly ~ A Book review by Bernice

The Black Echo
By Michael Connelly

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Two chubby thumbs up for this book.  Perfect book. Absolutely perfect for any reason you like to read, this book will fit it (unless of course you like to read to fall asleep… because last night I struggled to stay awake… I couldn’t put it down!) So, whether you are looking for the perfect book to bring on vacation, to the beach or to give as a gift…. I say… give this book.

OK.  I have the kindle version, and once again I got it for 99 cents… but I loved this book, here’s why:

Believability.  The characters are believe from a human stand point, they are not endowed with super human strength or superior intelligence and the reader is not asked to take great leaps of faith to follow the characters paths.  The relationships could be real.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… sex is not depth.  This book has everything, hate, mistrust, sex, humor, history, camaraderie, justice and honor and never too much of any one thing… just enough.

Also,  the story is so darn interesting.  Really.  The author takes turns pushing and pulling you through the puzzles and mysteries and you almost feel like you helped work them out.   The main characters Ah ha moment… is your own.  There is no guessing the end of this book…. not really.   This is a fantastic Cop, Murder, Mystery, Espionage, Spy, Crime solver read, I highly recomment it!

Especially since the Kindle version is only 99cents! (or atleast it was at the time of this writing!)

Enjoy…. I know I did!





Written by Bernice

love to read

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