The Awakened by Jason Tesar

The Awaked: Book One
By Jason Tesar

Rating: ★★★★★ 


Curse you Jason Tesar… Curse you and that constantly thinking and plotting and scheming and building and writing,brain of yours….  sob…. I…..I…. hiccup…. must read the second book.  WAHHHHHHHHH

There are very few books that leave me with the “I MUST READ THE NEXT BOOK” feeling.

You know, most of the time I look forward to the second book.

Sometimes, I might even buy the second book with great anticipation…

“JASON TESAR!  I have things to do today!”

I didn’t plan on reading the second book … and yet…  How can I not?

This first book is a vast expanse of intertwined “happenings” and in the end… sigh…

As you know, I’m no spoiler.  All I can say is.  Even if you don’t like the book… you are gonna feel like you have to read the second book.   And like most books of this nature, I like some parts better then others.  ALL parts were well written…  and then… then… the book ended!  (deep cleansing breath)

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