The Abbey By Chris Culver – A book Review by Bernice

The Abbey
By Chris Culver

Rating: ★★★★¾ 

Fantastic. Riveting.

This book took me completely by surprise. As you know, I am on vacation and prior to going to hunted for some 99 cent kindle books to read while I was away. OK, you caught me… I always look for the 99 cent books. Things are tough, right?

One of the first things I liked about this book was the cultural differences between myself and the main character and his family… the differences were less then I thought… which was VERY interesting. Secondly, there were big problems in little china town… and that’s my kind of book (not literally, but if your old enough you will recognize my Kurt Russel reference) This was a great book.

It took a while to read. There was absolutely no skimming in this bad boy… you wanted to and enjoyed every single word.

The characters…. my oh my… they were entertaining, shocking, disappointing, deadly and more.

(Don’t you hate that I don’t give you any details of the story or book itself… but you know, I if I told you what the book was about… or told you about a similar book… I would be doing you and the author a disservice)

This book was NOT a gentle walk in the park or a mellow historical story (which seems to be a growing trend in books) This was a rock ’em sock ’em no holds barred cop detective book. The story and characters hold their own without any undue sex or violence… it’s there… because it’s part of the story, not for filler or because it’s the story.

Written by Bernice

love to read

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