Suspicions by Christine Kersey ~ A Book Review by Bernice

by Christine Kersey

Rating: ¼☆☆☆☆ 

I did not enjoy this book for a second… well that’s not true. The beginning, the actual first few pages really had some promise… then it all went… no where. Reading this book was a much fun as wading through knee high mud in loose sneakers… and equally as frustrating.

I hate to write a bad review, because I understand that even a bad book is hard to write… Have you ever tried to write a book? And having said that, I don’t retract my review. This was terrible.

I struggled to finish the book. Literally STRUGGLED and I LOVE TO READ. I could only bare to read about 5 minutes at a time because I had to put down the Kindle. However, like I said, even a bad book is hard to write… so I gave the author all of the respect I could muster and waded my way through. OK, you get it. I didn’t like the book. Here’s why.

The basic story line and concept were fine. The people involved in the story and their inter related relationships … fine. The situation, the setting, the twist and turns… the outcome… all fine. All had the makings of a good or better book. What then. What was the problem?

I didn’t like the way that the story was told. The inner dialog was insipid. (You know dull) I mean, even in my minds eye there just wasn’t enough to really spark my imagination. I saw several little flickers or suspense but they quickly died out.

As a whole, in retrospect I see the story the author was telling and it should have been a good story… but it wasn’t.

Written by Bernice

love to read

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