Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki ~ A Book Review by Bernice

First let me tell you that this is NOT a fictional story of love, loss and happy endings… (which I guess I always thought it was because even though this book has been on the best seller list for like 20 years, I never picked it up… ’cause, I’m not interested in reading about some dudes love, loss and happy endings.)  This is, however, a NONFICTION book, I would say, autobiographical in nature and is basically an instruction book for how to change how you think about money, to change your life.

Now, anyone that is subscribed to my site, may be astounded to get the email and think… “Ahhhh Bernice, you’re back… and where have you been love?”  (I threw that “love” in there because I like to think affectionately of my followers!)

Well, I’m going to tell you, I have been on the most … absolutely fantastic and wonderful journey… and it all started with this book.

I can honestly say, that this book changed my life.   Not just this book, but this book was the catalyst, I mean, looking back, seeing where I am now, compared to where I was, the difference is incredibly, and having said that I will let you know that I will be sharing with you the COMPLETE list of books I read.

For starters it is this: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


He writes like I write.  With a total disregard for punctuation! HA HA HA HA (sometimes I think I even make up some new rules)
He’s some guys writing a book, his book is not a finely crafted piece of literature
I found it slightly repetitive


He writes like I would imagine he speaks, it’s easy to follow and understandable.
The information contained in the book, while sometimes repetitive, was new to me.  Not that it was a new discovery, hhmmm… this is hard to explain.  maybe it was a right place, right time thing… and since this book was written there are a gazillion people using his general ideas and selling them as their own.

For me, this book was a stepping stone.  It was the first step in a completely new direction.  It was the first step in building a future.

I read the kindle version, here’s a link:




Written by Bernice

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