Rachel Higginson’s Star Crossed Series… book review

Reckless Magic ( The Star-Crossed Series, Book 1)
Hopeless Magic ( The Star-Crossed Series, Book 2)
By Rachel Higginson

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Two chubby thumbs up for these two books.  I am a new fan of Rachel Higginson and will be looking for other things she may have written… but today…. today…. sigh…. I am devastated. As far as I can tell, Book 3 doesn’t seem to exist…  I am utterly… and profoundly disappointed! (am I over doing the ellipsis… but I really want you to feel how much I enjoyed this book… and the fact that I was left hanging)

Once again, I am not going to disclose specifics about the fantastic story line and characters because that’s not my style.  I will say the story is enthralling and enchanting and if there were a book 3, 4, 5… I would have them all on my kindle queued up for reading.

You see… I really can’t say anything… Anything I say will affect your realizations… and your reaction when you read Book 1.  All I can say is read slowly… and perhaps you will be luckier than me … and book 3 will be done before you finish book 2 (….heavy martyred sigh….)

This is a great book. Perfect for all ages… I think you can get it for Kindle for only $2.99 and maybe book one is free… I’m not sure. Shop the kindle store on Amazon… but if you are looking for a captivation, fulfilling, amusing, original story… this is a great pick!






Written by Bernice

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  1. she isn’t putting out a 3rd book in the series???!!! when i finished reading book 2 it had a note at the back that the 3rd one was coming out this oct. i have been checking amazon everyday.. nothing. then i came across what you said and i am devestated!

    • I assume there will be another book in the series… I am guessing (because I’ve never actually done it) but writing a whole entire book is very time consuming… I can’t even imagine what it’s like… hours and hours of labor, writing and rewriting, editing and then publishing… So, I’m just going to wait patiently for the next in the series and hope that the author is encouraged that we are waiting! :0)

  2. they are coming out with a book 3 and a book 4. At the end of the 2nd book (kindle version) it even gives a small exerpt of the third book and the month and year of it’s release (Oct. 2011) Hope this helps

  3. I’ve read the first three books on my ereader from Barnes & Noble. But I can’t seem to find Endless Magic, the fourth book, at BN. When is it going to be released through Barnes & Noble. I can’t wait. They are fantastic.

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