Post Human By David Simpson – A Book Review by Bernice

Post- Human
by David Simpson

Rating: ★★★★★ 

In keeping with my no spoiler rule, I am struggling NOT to tell you anything about this story line. Hmmmm… tap tap tap, ok. Let’s just start with, I really liked this book.

………really really liked this book.

You know, I don’t like to give away any facts about the book because well… I like to go into a book without knowing anything and letting the author tell me the story and I respect that you may like that to… and having said that… I am

Post Human  by David Simpson a Book Reivew by Bernice
Post Human by David Simpson a Book Reivew by Bernice

finding it difficult to find a way to tell you why I really liked this book.

OK, let’s start with the characters. They were likeable, believable, friendly and smart. I liked that the main characters were “human” and good. I liked that there was a clear line between good and bad.

Then there is the logic of the story… the path the story takes is fast, exciting and believable.

Note to author, I also liked that there wasn’t any time wasted with unwarranted violence and sex. Everything in this book seemed to move the story and build the characters. Thanks, I appreciate it.

In closing this was a great read. I did not guess the ending. That threw my review up to a 5. I had no idea how it was going to end until it did and then I was satisfied.


Written by Bernice

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