Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize by Emily Brightwell – A Book Review by Bernice

A Victorian Mystery

Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Price by Emily Brightwell

A Victory Mystery

A Book Review by Bernice

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The cover says: If you like Downton Abbey you’ll love Mrs. Jeffries!  Which is the first time I ever realized it wasn’t DOWNTOWN… but no, it’s Downton Abbey, who knew? I guess everyone but me. OK, now about this book.

This was a nice quick read. Perfect for the beach, lakeside or a lazy afternoon.  It was an easy read and a delightful rump into a different age, without all of the sex and foul language and brutal murders… this book’s focus in on entertainment… don’t get me wrong, this is a mystery… and while I didn’t guess exactly who would in the end be the murderer… it was a good tale.

I don’t want to give you too much details, I will say, I read this book in an afternoon. 🙂   Enjoy


Written by Bernice

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