Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan ~ A Bernice Book Review

The Mill River Recluse
By Darcie Chan

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 


If you enjoyed reading “Water for Elephants” then you will probably enjoy this book.  Having said that, I will also say, this is not really my kind of book.  It’s a long winding story filled with flash backs, personal drama, world news and people.  Lots of people.

To me… it was kind of like a summary of local news spanning 60 years as narrated by someone that observed.

The characters were believable, quirky and pleasant, the ending was predictable and there was really no…. what’s the word I’m looking for… excitment?  I don’t know, like I said it was a pleasant read which for some may translate to boring and others… exactly what they are looking for.

The book itself is well written.  I purchased this book for kindle for .99 cents.

I’m afraid to tell you that personally I wouldn’t buy another Darcy Chan book.  This type of book, this type of story isn’t my cuppa joe.  I had to force myself to finish the book.

Like I said, it reminded me of the Water for Elephants story.  I kept reading thinking… it must lead somewhere, there must be something unpredictable that will happen, there must be some twist.  And like I’ve also already said, not everyone wants every book they read to be a puzzle.  This book was pleasant.



Written by Bernice

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    • Well… since I also bought it… I suppose I helped put it on the best seller’s list. ;0)

      I’m sure you will agree, the true merit of any book is the enjoyment of the individual reader. Some people may read my review and say, “That sounds exactly like a book I would enjoy” and others may agree with my review. My hope is that everyone will choose to read, judge for themselves and let me know their opinion. ~ Bernice

  1. This is the first poor review i’ve seen for this book. Chan seems to have become the ebook darling – though I wonder if that is because she sells her books for $.99 – which I am not fond of, as I think it creates disposable works and not art. That said I want to read this as I am glad to see a literary work make a dent in the ebook world. – Jason Derr, ‘The Boston 395’, tp://

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