Hide in Plain Sight – Marta Perry

Hide in Plain Sight by Marta Perry

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

At it’s best… this book is pleasant. The story is fine. The characters fine. It’s just an ordinary story. The characters are ok. The settings is ok. The plot is ok. It’s simple. I guess that’s it. It’s simple.

I feel bad, like I’m giving a bad review, it’s just that this book was just ok. I enjoyed it like… I would have enjoyed sitting down with a cup of coffee to read the newspaper, so I wouldn’t say it was bad… I would just say this… I could have put it down at any time and as much as I HATE leaving a book unread, I would have been able to go without finishing the book.

However I did finish the book. If it had been really really terrible, I wouldn’t have finished it. So, like I said. The book was pleasant.

If you are looking for a pleasantly mild mystery with christian under/overtones (although as a credit to the author, not preachy) I would suggest this book. While it was NOT riveting, it was a quick and “nice” read.

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