Heroes (TV Series) – Review

Bernice Reviews her Netflix Binge

Heroes (TV Series) – Bernice Reviews her Netflix Binge

Rating: ★★★★★ 

– that’s right 6 out of 5… it’s that GOOD!

This series gets 2 chubby thumbs up!  Described as a science fiction drama series is a like a combination of Criminal Minds, Supernatural, and something from the Disney Channel.  The show is so realistic and yet crazily surreal. The characters range from good to evil with a fascinating mix of unexpectedly evil and surprising good.heroes tv series

Yes, there is blood.  There are nightmare scenarios and they are so well played, so remarkably presented that it drives you forward like a cliffhanging page turner of a book…

As you know, I have a strict no spoiler rule. So, as a result I can’t tell you much more except that as a binge watch, season one of Heroe’s was exceptional.  This series is: interesting, captivating, engrossing, absorbing, enchanting, enthralling, spellbinding,riveting, engaging, compelling, compulsive, gripping, thrilling…..


Written by Bernice

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