Gettysburg, The Graphic Novel by C.M. Butzer

Gettysburg, The Graphic Novel
by C.M. Butzer

Rating: ★★★★★ 


First, Happy President’s day… this book review by Bernice is in honor of the brave men and women that have fought throughout history for our freedom.

This book is NOT on kindle, which is a shame… However, it is worth every penny and the space it takes on the shelf!

I originally purchased this book because my 8 year old daughter had to do a February project about President Lincoln.  This particular daughter does not like to read but she enjoys pictures and I thought she would enjoy seeing AND

gettysburg the graphic novel
gettysburg the graphic novel

reading the story and ….I was right.

This graphic novel is so well illustrated and so well written that my daughter was able to grasp a measure of the war and the importance of the time and more.

She was able to explain to me what they were fighting for in a way that proved to me that she wasn’t just parroting the words she heard in the classroom but understood.

This is a graphic novel, and while the illustrations are fantastic… it is a novel about a very bloody battle.   There are wounds, dismembered limbs and descriptions of the town as it struggles with more wounded people then healthy.  However, I don’t think that the artist went out of the way to be overly gory,  and the medium is black/white with no red which is helpful in NOT highlighting some of the gorier aspects of war.  There is a portion in the book where the artist renders the famous photos of Timothy O’Sullivan.

In short I was incredibly impressed with this work.

I wish for my daughter that she would start to enjoy reading more… and in the absence of that, I hope that we can find her books like this one to engage her.


Written by Bernice

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