From the Dead by John Herrick ~ A Bernice Book Review

From The Dead (A Novel)
by John Herrick

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

I’m not sure how to write up this review without giving you details that may or may not spoil the story, so I’m going to just tell you what I think.

I was very frustrated with the main character.  He was very slow to recognize and realize many things… or perhaps the author intended the reader to realize things before the character… but I found the book very predictable, with the exception of exactly (2) moments   –[Read the book, the kindle version is free and tell me if you can guess those moments] this book was a chore to read.

Wait a minute.  I’ve got it!  The Internet.  Throughout the WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK, I kept thinking…. doesn’t he have a computer?  Can’t he get online and “check” that out?  Isn’t there a local library with internet or even books he can use to research that “thing”… what a dummy.

I won’t be buying any more John Herrick books for a while… let me know what you think.



Written by Bernice

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