Fearless Magic | Endless Magic by Rachel Higginson (Star Crossed Series)

Fearless Magic
Endless Magic
Books 3 and 4 in The Star Crossed Series
By Rachel Higginson

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


I was not disappointed in these last two books.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in a “forget the rest of the word and stay up all night reading” kind of way.  If you haven’t read Reckless and Hopeless yet, you can check them out herefearless magic by rachel higginson book 3 in star crossed series

As you know I don’t like to tell you much about the stories because I don’t believe in setting up any false expectations.  Honestly, we all read from our own perspective anyway, what I like you may not.  What I understand immediately, you may not.

If you enjoyed the first two books you will enjoy these books.  It’s more of the same without being the same.  It’s more interesting and completes the whole picture.  It’s good…really good.

endless magic by rache higginson book 4 in star crossed seriesI will say this… there seem to be a lot of typos in these last two books… random letters here and there and one or two strange formatted pages.  I don’t recall thinking anything while reading the first two and I wonder if the editor was just in a rush to get it out?   Frankly, I’m not one to talk, especially since I am the queen of run on sentences and very rarely proof read.. but there it is.   All I can say is, that I would overlook and maybe not notice formatting and typo issues… so (sigh) I’m just pointing them out because, well, there were enough for me to think to myself, “really” another one?  Didn’t anyone proof read this? and so… it is because of this I didn’t just give the books 5 stars.

Having said that, it’s easy to guess what word the author is trying to write AND the books really are a joy to read.

Here they all are for Kindle (psssttt the first book is available free)



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