Double Exposure by Michael Lister

Double Exposure
By Michael Lister

Rating: ★★★★½ 

I read this book in one night.  At times, I felt my heart racing and thought that I’d really need to cut down on my caffeine intake… but that’s not it. It’s the book.  It’s the story.  It’s crazy captivating and thrilling and moving and racing.

Usually, I don’t like this type of book, I’m not sure why I did.  (nope, I’m not going to tell you anything about the story) I will say, that I read the kindle version… and there is a story summary at the beginning which I was disappointed to read. I thought I was reading the book… instead it’s a summary and well, I HATE THAT.

Why bother reading a book if you can read a summary first… I mean… is the summary going to tell you that the characters are likeable?  Believeable? How can you possibly judge a book on several paragraphs about the story line… I hate having any expectations prior to reading the book…

Anyway, that not withstanding, I found this book alternatingly exhilarating, scary, sad, shameful, optimistic, humorous, believable, unbelievable, fast and choppy and ultimately satisfying.

If you are looking for something to replace your morning cuppa joe to get your heart rate moving… this is the ticket. Just a special note, I got this book as a free book for my kindle… and I would have absolutely PAID full price and may yet… as a christmas gift.





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