Death by Honeymoon – Jaden Skye ~ A book review by Bernice

Death by Honeymoon, Book #1 in the Caribeean Murder Series
by Jaden Skye

Rating: ★★¾☆☆ 

 This book was sort of a cross between a Harlequin Romance and Nancy Drew.    I liked this book, sort of.  Actually I had a like, dislike relationship with this book.  There were several areas that I thought when they were introduced were going to lead to interesting little side stories… and then there were areas that I thought… OK, enough already, I get it.

This is a story.  It’s not a mind blowing social commentary nor does it really stretch the readers imagination.  As always, I’m not going to tell you anything about the characters or the story line… because… well, because here’s the thing.  Good or Bad, it’s not easy to write a whole book.  My opinion of the book is based on the information I put in my review.   Many people may read my review and say… You know, all of the reasons she doesn’t like the book make me think that I may like the the book… But the ONLY WAY you will know if it’s a good book is the read it yourself.

MANY people put credence in the “best sellers lists” but if you read how those lists are compiled you may find that it’s really just a list based on the total number of books sold… NOT whether the books were any good.  Personally, I don’t read best sellers lists… because I think that a writer is a hard thing to be.  I don’t think that the writer with the most advertising money is necessarily the best writer.  AND… since I like (strike that) LOVE to read, I enjoy finding my own books.

Stepping down off my soap box, and back to this story.

I think these books have a lot of potential.  I enjoy the slueth type novel.  I grew up with Nancy Drew, loved Stephanie Plum and to this day can’t read enough or Dr. Kay Scarpetta…  am I saying that this book is as good as those…  not really.  But I see the potential.  There were enough sparks to make me think that I might read book 2 and give this author a chance.  

Did I mention it was only 99Cents on my Kindle?




Written by Bernice

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