Dark Horse by J.R. Rain (Jim Knighthorse Series #1)

Dark Horse (Jim Knighthorse Series #1)
by J.R. Rain

Rating: ★★★★★ 

I like this author. I’ve now read this book and a couple of his “Vampire for Hire” books… and I am unapologetic-ally (is that even a word?) smitten with his writing style and his choice of topics.

His characters (regardless of the their situation, supernatural or other) are absolutely entertaining, pithy and full of…for lack of a better word…character.

I’m having a hard time writing this review without giving you too many details and spoiling it. I will say that it’s a great story, told in a human and compelling way… with lots of pithy commentary and sarcasm.

The main story is good, the sub-stories are good… and hilarious… and deep… and violent… and …. I absolutely did not guess the end. AND for that, I give this book a 5 of a total 5. There wasn’t a single point where I guessed where it was going until the very end… I will be looking for more books from J.R. Rain.

Written by Bernice

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