Contractors Inc. by Alexander F Rivera ~ A Book Review by Bernice

Contractors Inc.
By Alexander F. Rivera

Rating: ★★★★¾ 

Contractors, Inc. is what I would call a thinker. You have to get it and throughout the book you are reminded how clever you are for “getting it” This book captivates and captures; it’s both terrifying and terrific at the same time. The writer had absolute moments of pure genius and I couldn’t read fast enough. Sometimes the perspective switches between characters and you are understanding something you already read… from a different point of view and it’s awesome!

I enjoyed most of the characters and the ones I didn’t enjoy, well, at least I understood them… and quite frankly, I don’t think I was

Contractors Inc. by Alexander F. Rivera
Contractors Inc. by Alexander F. Rivera

supposed to like them much anyway! 🙂

In keeping with my “no spoiler rule” I really can’t tell you the best part of this book except to say that the premise … the underlying theme… is sooooo cool…. and the twist… is even cooler.

I want to warn you… (or assure you depending on what your reading preferences) this book has violence & sex. While I would consider either senseless or gratuitous, and admit they exist to lend believe-ability to certain characters and blah blah blah… Look, this isn’t a walk in the park… This book is not a lazy sunny afternoon … this book is a full on, no holds barred sprint across a busy highway adrenalin rush.

I enjoyed this book. I’ll be looking forward to more of the same… I hope these characters continue…


Written by Bernice

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