Children of Another God – by TC Southwell ~ A Book Review by Bernice

Children of another God
The Broken World – Book One
by TC SouthWell

Rating: ★★★★★ 


WHY? WHY? Why do I keep falling for it?

Why do I read these books that completely capture my imagination … carry me away to other lands so similar and yet so different … make me think about parallels and situations… and humanity … and make me stay up all night reading …


children of another god, the broken world  book one
children of another god, the broken world book one

and now…. at the end… at the very end… I find out… I absolutely positively

MUST read the next book.I liked everything about this book;  story line, characters, writing

style and logic.  I found it easy to read, easy to understand and believe that the levels of understanding are only limited by the readers imagination.  I like it.  I liked that it makes me want to read the second book… (even though at the time I was a little irked that the first book ended)Anyhoo… I guess you know what I’ll be doing next Amazon shopping spree (I have to limit myself to only buying new books for my kindle once a month…) Fortunately this book is … free.

Here it is

Written by Bernice

love to read

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