Candy Wars, The Tooth Fairies vs the Candy King – A Bernice Book Review

Candy Wars, The Tooth Fairies vs the Candy King
R.G. Cordiner

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Well, I read this book because I have kids. I thought this would be a great book to read on my kindle with my seven year old and I was… disappointed.

I hate to write a bad review because I’d love for you to click through my link and allow me to earn my affiliate commission when you purchase the book online or digitally for your kindle, but I have to be honest. Not a great book.

I can be as whimsical as the next person and can weave a yarn of dragons, castles, princesses and more… but there was no amount of vocal inflection that could make this book worth reading outloud… and honestly, there is no lesson to be learned… no truth that is being shared and simply no reason to read this book.

In fact, it is all the more disappointing because for a while I thought that there was going to be a lesson about how different people have different points of view… but instead it was really, a “well you can’t trust everyone” lesson. That’s it. All those pages and you turn away with, “You can’t trust everyone” lesson.

Written by Bernice

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