Bram Stoker’s Dracula

This isn’t actually a book review because I haven’t finished this book yet. I have been reading it for 2 weeks now! 2 WEEKS! Some of you may have surmised that I read a lot and I read quickly… and so far I have this to say about this book.

I can’t wait to continue reading. It takes a while to read because the language is from the early 1900’s and while it is all entirely recognizable, it certainly doesn’t lend it’self to anticipating the next sentence or even the next word.

Each sentence must be read carefully, fully and then digested and interpreted… Having said that… it is worth every ounce of brain matter involved. I am finding this book to be absolutely entertaining.

And so… I go back to my Saturday morning chores… hoping to finish soon so that I might grab some more time with my Kindle.

Written by Bernice

love to read

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