Blood Island by H. Terrell Griffin

Blood Island (Matt Royal Mysteries)
by H. Terrell Griffin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

This was an interesting book.  I enjoyed reading it, and yet, I found it very easy to put down.  It took me longer than usual to finished but not because of a complicated story line, perhaps it is just a particularly busy time of year… and like I said, you could put the book down and pick it back up without a problem.

As you know I’m not going to give you any kind of … hhmm… story spoiler, I will just say that the reality portrayed in this book is not one that I know.  I don’t want you to think that the story is far fetched and let’s face it is is a story… it’s just … well, it was clearly a story.  I can’t put my finger on it… the individual characters were nicely written, and I liked them.  Especially the main character and his friends… these are people I could really like.

I suppose it’s a life style… I mean… that must be it… Here I am sitting in New Jersey and the characters are all in the Florida Keys (aaahhhhhhhh the collective sighs…. you’re from New Jersey)

This is the perfect book for the beach… sunbathing… hanging out listening to the waves hit the beach… the sun baking you … while you squint slightly to read through your sunglasses… everything is believable when you’re on the beach!

This is a the perfect book for vacation, a plane ride, cruise, train ride… pretty much anytime other than… reading at night in New Jersey. ;0)

I liked the book.  I liked how it was written and how it connected and I especially liked the end.  but there was just something… something that makes it short of a 4… having said that I will be looking for more books from this author… and I’ll let you know

Written by Bernice

love to read

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