Blind Pursuit by Ben Harper ~ A Bernice Book Review

Blind Pursuit
by Michael Prescott writing as Ben Harper

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

This was a good book. Really good. The characters were believable and likeable… when they were supposed to. I mean, there was no horse in shining armor… and even the villian (yes, there is definitely a villian… or should I say, villians) were human… and average and evil and good.

From the first sentence, this book caught my attention and kept it. There were no outrageous leaps required to follow and believe this story.

I would caution, there is violence. The violence isn’t arbitrary and is certainly skillfully built into the story slowly instead of just thrown in there to assault the reader’s senses… but it is violence and it’s ugly.

Having said that… the book was a great mystery, suspense, thriller… All my guesses and attempts to figure it out where only partially correct… very nicely written.

Written by Bernice

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