Accidents Waiting to Happen By Simon Wood ~ A Book Review

Accidents Waiting to Happen by Simon Wood

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

I purchased this book for my kindle because it was .99, for $.99 it was a bargain, however I’m glad I didn’t pay more. This book was entertaining but was missing some fundamental human elements… really the relationships were simply not believeable… not because they were extraordinary, but because they really had no depth.

The action was outstanding, the premise behind the story fun and fast moving… the resolution… really stretched my ability to believe… but it was really the interpersonal relationships that lacked… I don’t know what to say… depth. Either the main character was really that shallow, or he needed to be worked on… HOWEVER… I have known some guys that really were like this character, which makes me think that although this book wasn’t for me… perhaps this is a Man’s Man book.

You know, perhaps this is perfect for a guy that just wants a rough ’em up… woe is me… smash ’em crash ’em book! THEN… if that is the intention and that is the audience… this will be a crowd pleaser!

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